SWISS lowers data package prices for its roaming SIM card

SWISS is to reduce the prices of its existing SWISS Mobile data packages from 1 July. The airline is simultaneously launching an exclusive new summer offer for Spain of a one-gigabyte data package for just CHF 19. In a further innovation, users can now earn Miles & More miles as they phone or surf in or outside Switzerland.

30 June 2015

The SWISS Mobile roaming SIM card enables travellers to phone and surf the Internet at local rates all over the world, with no contractual obligations or monthly subscription fees. And from 1 July SWISS will be lowering its rates for existing SWISS Mobile data packages and making travellers two special offers, too: vacationers to Spain can obtain a one-gigabyte data package for just CHF 19; and travellers to Italy, Turkey, Greece or Croatia will enjoy a 500-megabyte data package for only CHF 29.

SWISS Mobile will also be enabling its users to earn Miles & More miles while they phone and surf in and outside Switzerland from 1 July onwards. Users will earn three miles for every CHF 1.00 they spend phoning, texting and data roaming.

SWISS Mobile in brief

SWISS Mobile is the first prepaid SIM card that has been specifically designed to provide inexpensive roaming for travellers. The card’s multi-IMSI technology allows users to phone and surf at local rates all over the world, with no commitment to any monthly subscription fee. SWISS Mobile offers roaming rates of as little as CHF 0.14 per minute or CHF 0.10 per megabyte (without a data package) in over 180 countries. Incoming calls are also free of charge in more than 50 countries. The card offers total transparency with no additional costs, monthly fees or contractual obligations.

The SWISS Mobile SIM card is available in all sizes, enabling it to be used in various generations of mobile phone. The card is especially attractive to frequent travellers, though it is also a useful addition as a second card – for surfing with a tablet at home, for instance. The SWISS Mobile card is available from SWISS’s inflight duty-free sales or online at (free postage within Switzerland). For further information on the card and its prices and rates, visit

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is Switzerland’s national airline, serving 106 destinations in 49 countries from Zurich and Geneva and carrying over 16 million passengers a year with its 95-aircraft fleet. The company’s Swiss WorldCargo division provides a comprehensive range of airport-to-airport airfreight services for high-value and care-intensive consignments to some 120 destinations in over 80 countries. As “The Airline of Switzerland”, SWISS embodies the country’s traditional values, and is committed to delivering the highest product and service quality. With its workforce of some 8,250 personnel, SWISS generated total operating income of CHF 5.2 billion in 2014. SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group, and is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline network.