New-look SWISS exhibit at the Swiss Museum of Transport


SWISS has redesigned and fully updated its dedicated exhibit at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. The new-look display, which was unveiled today, includes an aviation quiz in which visitors can compete with each other and a new “real-time” flight simulator on which they can attempt to land in Zurich.

SWISS unveiled its new-look dedicated exhibit at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne today. The existing display has not only been fully updated; it’s been made more interactive, too. The new features include a quiz in which visitors can test their aviation expertise, and can even compete head-to-head if they wish.

The innovations also include a new flight simulator that allows visitors to try their hand at landing at Zurich Airport. The simulator, which can be set to various degrees of difficulty, is controlled by body movements alone. And, in a further intriguing feature, it is linked up to SWISS’s real-time operations: the simulator pilot will attempt the landing in whatever type of SWISS aircraft is currently on genuine approach to Zurich Airport. After landing, the visitor can even use the iPad provided to send themselves their own pilot’s licence.

Elsewhere, the SWISS exhibit still features its Airbus A340 fuselage section revealing the “insides” of an aircraft and showcasing the seating in all three classes. The fuselage cross-section also illustrates how cargo is stowed in the aircraft’s hold. But a slide now leads from the aircraft cabin down to the floor level, which has been restyled to resemble an airport apron area.

The new exhibit also provides various information points showing the current positions worldwide of every aircraft in the SWISS fleet. And several short films are also available offering behind-the-scenes insights into SWISS’s operations, profiles of the jobs and careers at the company and further details of SWISS products and services and the SWISS aircraft fleet. A small lounge, modelled on SWISS’s actual airport lounges, rounds off the new display.

SWISS has maintained a dedicated exhibit at the Swiss Museum of Transport since 2004. Prior to this, its predecessor Swissair had been a key part of the museum’s Aviation Hall displays since 1959. The museum attracts over 700’000 visitors a year.