SWISS launches its own “SWISS Mobile” roaming SIM card


SWISS is introducing its own prepaid SIM card, enabling users to call and surf the web at attractive roaming rates all over the world. The new “SWISS Mobile” card is a further feature in SWISS’s “SWISS Choice” range of supplementary products and services for its travelling guests. The new card is already available online, and will also be offered as part of SWISS’s inflight duty-free sales range from 1 November.

SWISS connects Switzerland with the world. And it now does so not only through its extensive network of attractive air connections but in telecommunications terms, too. With “SWISS Mobile”, the carrier’s new international prepaid SIM card, travellers can now avoid the high roaming fees that can be incurred during their stays abroad.

Attractive roaming rates worldwide

“SWISS Mobile” enables users to phone and surf in over 180 countries at rates that are up to 80% lower than the usual roaming fees. Calls can be made within the European Union, South Africa or Australia, for instance, for as little as CHF 0.14 per minute, while surfing costs as little as CHF 0.10 per megabyte. Within Switzerland calls cost CHF 0.19 per minute and surfing CHF 0.10 per megabyte, while incoming calls from over 50 countries are entirely free of charge. Users can also purchase additional data packages allowing them to surf the Internet at even more attractive rates.

The “SWISS Mobile” SIM card will be delivered in all sizes, enabling it to be used with any of various generations of mobile phone. The new card should prove particularly attractive for frequent flyers; but it should also be a useful addition as a back-up card – for surfing on a tablet at home, for example.

Available now online

The “SWISS Mobile” SIM card costs CHF 29.90, with CHF 20.00 of this serving as the user’s starting credit. The card can be obtained online at, and will also be available from SWISS’s inflight duty-free sales from 1 November. As such, it can also be pre-ordered for duty-free purchase on the customer’s next SWISS flight, under the new Duty-Free Pre-Order Service which is a further SWISS Choice option.

Further information on “SWISS Mobile”, its rates and its terms of use is available at