Swiss European pilots’ referendum deemed to have rejected new CLA.

Swiss European ceases to recognise Swiss Pilots Association as a social partner

5 May 2006

The Swiss Pilots Association (SPA) gave details Wednesday of the manipulation of the recent referendum on the new 2006 Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) for Swiss European pilots – a referendum for whose conduct and correctness the SPA bears ultimate responsibility. Swiss European now wishes to achieve optimum clarity on these events and their repercussions, in the interests of all the pilots concerned.

Having examined the issue at length, Swiss European concluded that the CLA which was submitted for referendum did not receive adequate democratic approval, and therefore has been rejected.

As a result, the individual contracts of employment which have already been signed by the pilots concerned enter into formal retroactive effect from April 1, 2006. In view of this, the referendum does not need to be held again.

In the light of these serious incidents and the associated severe loss of confidence, Swiss European is no longer able to recognise the SPA as a social partner.

The pilot who was suspended from flight duties on Wednesday has been summarily dismissed in view of his intolerable behaviour. Swiss European is also expressly reserving the right to take legal action against the SPA committee members responsible and any further persons involved.