Temporary charging of increased security fees

24 March 2003

Maintaining flight operations during the Iraq war means additional operating costs for all airlines due to tighter security precautions. SWISS has therefore decided to charge an increased security fee in Switzerland as from 26 March 2003.

The war in Iraq has a direct impact on airline security. Instant adjustments have to be made to aircraft routes in the Middle and Far East in line with the intensity and geographical extent of the war. This in turn means that aircraft have to carry more aviation fuel with them to ensure the necessary resources are available at all times for longer flight routes or possible re-routing to alternative airports. Security has also been stepped up at most airports, thereby increasing costs to airlines.

Various airlines have already introduced or raised their security fees. SWISS also faces additional operating costs as a result of tighter security measures. SWISS has therefore decided to increase its security fees to CHF 12 per flight segment on a provisional basis. This sum is indicated in the tax box on flight tickets.

SWISS intends to discontinue this tax as soon as the global situation returns to normal.