SWISS, Kapers and Unia reach agreement on job cuts

17 July 2003

SWISS has reached agreement with Kapers and Unia, its cabin staff associations, on the terms and procedures for reducing personnel numbers. Some 935 cabin crew positions are affected by the corporate resizing which is currently under way. The Geneva and Lugano crew bases are to be closed, and crew numbers will also be reduced in Basel.

SWISS has been conducting negotiations with its cabin crew associations since it announced its corporate resizing, to seek the most partnerly and socially-acceptable solutions possible for effecting the staff reductions required. The airline’s cabin crew corps will be informed today of the measures that have now been agreed.

Unlike with the OC 2 pilots, the workforce downsizing cannot be achieved solely through voluntary reductions in working hours for the company’s cabin crew staff. But cabin personnel will be offered the opportunity to reduce their working hours and conclude a corresponding new contract of employment; and the number of flight attendants not served notice who are willing to make such reductions may affect the total number of layoffs required.

Cabin staff in Geneva, Basel and Lugano
The crew bases in Geneva and Lugano will be closed. Crews currently based there will commute to Zurich in future to commence their flight duties. Basel will remain a crew base, since all Saab 2000 operations will be centred there. But the number of Basel-based flight attendants will be reduced to 69 positions.
The crew bases in Bangkok, Delhi and Mumbai will be closed. The Tokyo crew base will be retained, but with reduced staff numbers.
Negotiations will now continue with the cabin staff associations with a view to achieving further cost reductions without further layoffs.
Discussions with the company’s ground staff associations continue to make good progress.