SWISS PILOTS approve agreement with SWISS

8 August 2003

SWISS is pleased to note that the members of the SWISS PILOTS union have chosen to follow the advice of their executive committee and have approved the agreement which their committee had concluded with the company. Their approval meets another key requirement for the success of the company’s current restructuring endeavours.

The approval of the proposed agreement by the members of SWISS PILOTS brings the long-running dispute between SWISS and the former pilots of Crossair to an end. The agreement offers sizeable advantages to all the parties involved: both the pilots who will have to leave the company and those who will remain have elected to accept a fair and generous offer from SWISS; and the company has been able to bring a conflict which threatened its very existence to a satisfactory conclusion.

SWISS has already stated that the commitment of all its unions and employees to its future is essential if its current turnaround efforts are to succeed. The agreements now reached with its personnel not only create confidence and trust both within and outside the company; they also provide a sound foundation on which to tackle and solve its remaining problems and concerns.

In this sense, the approval by SWISS PILOTS marks a further landmark success in the company’s current restructuring endeavours.