Incident in French airspace

18. February 2004

A KLM aircraft and a SWISS aircraft came close together early this morning in French airspace near Reims. Thanks to the swift response of both crews and the onboard warning systems, the incident passed without consequence. SWISS has reported the incident to the relevant authorities.

At approximately 07.45 this morning, as SWISS flight LX 17 en route from New York JFK to Zurich was flying over the city of Reims, the onboard warning system (TCAS, traffic alert and collision avoidance system) indicated the proximity of another aircraft. The SWISS crew followed the system’s instructions and put distance between the two aircraft.

The French authorities are investigating how it was possible for the two aircraft to come close to one another. As required by regulations, SWISS has reported the incident to the relevant authorities in Switzerland.

The flight landed on schedule in Zurich.