Fuel surcharge raised as of October 15

12. October 2004

With the price of crude oil and kerosene hitting record highs on the world market, SWISS is compelled to further adapt the temporary fuel surcharge that was introduced in September. As of October 15, SWISS will increase its fuel surcharge per way from CHF 7 to CHF 15 on flights within Europe and from CHF 20 to CHF 30 on intercontinental flights.

The purchase price of kerosene has risen to more than USD 50 per barrel (159 litres) in recent days. Experts do not foresee any short-term easing. SWISS will continue to monitor developments on the fuel market closely. Further surcharge adjustments cannot be ruled out. These latest fuel surcharges apply from October 15 to all tickets sold in Switzerland. In markets outside Switzerland the amount of the increase will vary depending on similar measures taken by competing airlines.