SWISS to adopt new user scheme at Zurich Airport

09. December 2004

Swiss International Air Lines and Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) have agreed a new user scheme for Zurich Airport that will take effect as of the Summer 2005 timetable end of march. Under the agreement, the national airline and the airport operating authority will work more closely together at Zurich Airport.

The new user scheme for Zurich Airport stipulates that Gates A will be available for all SWISS flights within Europe. SWISS intercontinental flights will depart from and arrive at Gates E exclusively. This change will improve airport planning parameters, which in turn will facilitate shorter check-in and transfer times. The benefits for SWISS passengers are a clear and understandable user format, shorter distances and transfer times, and better access to connecting flights. With these changes, Zurich Airport positions itself as one of the most attractive airports in Europe at which to transfer.

Attractive hub

Greater efficiency in ground procedures will improve the likelihood of transfer passengers making their connecting flight and reduce instances of passengers and their baggage being carried on different flights. Concentrating handling ac-tivities at specific locations will also improve punctuality at the airport.

“By team up this way at Zurich Airport, SWISS and Unique are creating the ba-sis for an efficient transfer platform featuring fast, seamless procedures,” said SWISS President and CEO Christoph Franz in praise of the new user scheme. “SWISS as a network carrier becomes much more attractive for passengers on non-stop flights as well as those transferring at Zurich.”

This new arrangement enables SWISS to bolster its competitive position as Switzerland’s national airline, while Zurich Airport significantly strengthens its function as an air transport hub.

SWISS obtains loan from Flughafen Zürich AG

In a separate development from the new user scheme, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. has secured additional funds amounting to CHF 15 million through a secured loan agreement with Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG). The full amount is immediately available. The loan agreement has been concluded for a three-year period, at current market interest rates. This transaction further strengthens SWISS’s liquidity position.