SWISS Travel Writer Award für Roger Anderegg


Roger Anderegg is this year’s winner of the SWISS Travel Writer Award. His award-wining three-part travel story “Italien zu Fuss” (Italy on foot) describes a three-month ramble through Italy. The winner was presented with the award at yesterday’s general assembly of travel journalists.

Roger Anderegg was selected for the award for an article in the Sonntagszeitung, a Swiss Sunday newspaper, about his exploration of Italy on foot. “The pace of travel influences your consciousness. If you cover only 25 kilometres per day, you see more,” he says, describing what he calls “cultivated rambling”. A noteworthy footnote is that rambling is so uncommon in Italy that there is no word for it in Italian. His highly entertaining travel story was one of 70 considered, emerging as the overall favourite. The winner can use his prize of two tickets in SWISS business class to research his next travel report or simply go on holiday.

The award was created in 2001 as a means of nurturing the quality of travel reporting. The independent jury, headed by Swiss television personality Kurt Schaad, consisted of publicist Klara Obermüller, writer Jürg Acklin, entrepreneurs Bruno Franzen and Bruno Widmer and Daniel Kaczynski, the head of the Swiss media association. This was the fifth time the jury was called upon to choose a winner of the award.

Initially supported by Swissair, sponsorship of the prize was taken over by SWISS in 2003. Max Küng won the award that year for his report about the Belgian city of Antwerp. In 2004 Barbara Klingbacher won the award for her article about the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, which is located near Sicily.