SWISS reorganises domestic call centers


SWISS is intensifying, with immediate effect, its working relationship with Mindpearl, its wholly-owned call centre subsidiary. As a consequence of this move, three of the four SWISS call centers in Switzerland will cease operation. The SWISS call center in Basel will be expanded by at least 10 positions. This measure will reduce SWISS’s annual costs by CHF 6 million. Some 140 employees are affected by this decision. These measures will have no impact on SWISS customers.

SWISS operates four call centers in Switzerland at present: in Basel, Geneva, Lugano and Zurich. Its 190 call center employees (148.5 full-time equivalents) handle more than 1.25 million calls each year. Mindpearl, a SWISS subsidiary and call center specialist, currently handles more than 200,000 calls for the airline outside normal office hours in Switzerland. With the exception of Basel, the SWISS call centers in Switzerland are located in rented facilities.

Following a thorough analysis of various options, SWISS has come to the decision that close collaboration with its Mindpearl subsidiary offers the best way forward. This arrangement also ensures the continuation of the high standard of service SWISS customers now enjoy. The Basel call center will continue operations and expand its workforce by at least 10 positions. However, the reorganisation entails that the call centers in Lugano, Geneva and Zurich, which together employ approximately 140 people (100 full-time equivalents), will cease operation.

In order to maintain the high standard of customer service, the reorganisation measures will be phased in over the summer. SWISS customers will not be affected. They will still be able to book flights in English, French, German and Italian at any time of day.

Further, the SWISS Ticket Office at Bern’s Central Station will close at the end of June, 2005.

Together with those employees affected by this reorganisation and their relevant staff associations, SWISS will work out fair terms and conditions regarding workplace transfers.

Mindpearl is a wholly owned SWISS subsidiary. As a global supplier for call centers it guarantees multilingual customer service on all continents, seven days per week, 24 hours per day. The SWISS subsidiary currently operates five customer call centers with a workforce of some 450 employees around the world, who provide services for SWISS and external customers. Mindpearl already handles telephone services successfully for nearly every SWISS market worldwide.