Zurich’s efficient new hub system comes into operation

26 March 2005

SWISS has made further substantial improvements at Zurich Airport in collaboration with the airport operator. The new products and services will be introduced with the start of the 2005 summer schedules on Sunday, March 27. In making the enhancements, Switzerland’s national airline and the operator of its Zurich hub are striving to further improve the product for the customer, making SWISS at Zurich Airport a swift, smooth and comfortable air travel experience.

In introducing its series of innovations with the start of the 2005 summer schedules, SWISS aims to make travel from, to or via Zurich Airport even pleasanter than before. SWISS and Zurich Airport announced last December that they would be reorganising their services and infrastructural arrangements. The result of these endeavours is a fast and efficient hub system that all passengers should benefit from. And these measures are only the first major step towards a substantially-improved ground service product.

A better start to the journey

One of the cornerstones of the new arrangements at Zurich Airport is a clearer assignment of flights to the airport’s various areas. All SWISS’s European services will now use Dock A, while all the company’s long-haul services will be handled at Dock E. The greater plannability that the new arrangement will provide will shorten both check-in and connecting times. SWISS passengers will also feel the benefit of the clearer and easier-to-understand overall concept, shorter journeys to and from the gate, quicker connections and fewer problems with connecting flights. The changes will make Zurich one of the most attractive transfer airports for travellers within Europe, too.

When it comes to journeys to and from the gate, SWISS is the undisputed leader among Europe’s major hub systems. And in terms of travel times to and from the city centre, SWISS also offers the most comfortable airport-to-city transfer system anywhere in Europe.

Quicker connections

For anyone changing from one SWISS flight to another, the new Zurich user concept offers swift and simple transfers, especially between intra-European flights. The minimum connecting time between European services is being gradually reduced to just 35 minutes, further cutting overall journey times for the travellers involved. SWISS and Zurich Airport thus offer arriving, departing and transferring passengers alike the shortest, smoothest and straightest ways through the airport of any major European hub.

Faster check-in

The new improvements also include the provision of even more self-service facilities for quick and easy check-in, even with registered baggage. These machines will be further enhanced in the course of the summer to permit users to select or change their own seat or to check in together with a companion. Specially-trained staff will be on hand to assist passengers using this electronic check-in option or answer any other questions they may have about their air journey. SWISS’s Airport Ticket Office will also reopen shortly after a major refurbishment to offer even better service quality.

Special facilities for US and Geneva departures

The Dock E gates to be used for departures to the USA will now be physically separated by a movable dividing wall from those for other destinations. For passengers flying SWISS who have access to the Swiss First or VIP Lounge before their departure, a special limousine service is being provided between the Lounge and Dock E, offering a comfortable and convenient alternative to the Skymetro light rail facility.

All SWISS flights to Geneva will depart from the “60s” gates in Dock A. To help travellers to Western Switzerland feel immediately at home, the gate area here has been transformed into an “Espace Romand” offering French-language newspapers and TV.