SWISS serves due notice to terminate Swiss Pilots CLA

18 April 2005

The SWISS Board of Directors resolved to serve notice to terminate the company’s Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) with the Swiss Pilots Association effective October 31, 2005, in accordance with the agreement’s notice provisions. SWISS will continue to conduct its negotiations with the union on a new CLA which were initiated at the end of January. The Swiss Pilots Association has been informed of SWISS’s action in serving notice on the present CLA, which was required for contractual reasons.

As part of its overall renegotiation of its employees’ terms and conditions of employment, SWISS has already served due notice to terminate its existing CLAs with its ground personnel and its cabin crew corps. Agreement has already been reached on a new CLA for Swiss-based ground personnel, which entered into effect on April 1, 2005.

SWISS will continue to strive to find viable and forward-looking solutions together with its social partners which secure as many jobs as possible in the longer term.