AirTrust holds 98.7 per cent of SWISS share capital

23 June 2005

Public purchase offer a success

Lufthansa and the Almea Foundation now hold 98.7 per cent of the share capital of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. via the Swiss-domiciled AirTrust AG following the expiration of the grace period for the present public purchase offer. Contractual undertakings to sell their SWISS shares have been obtained from major shareholders accounting for 84.6 per cent of SWISS share capital; and minority shareholders representing a further 14.1 per cent of SWISS share capital have offered to sell their shares to AirTrust under the present share offer.

AirTrust submitted a public tender offer to all SWISS minority shareholders on May 4, 2005. By the end of the grace period following the initial offer period on June 22, 2005, AirTrust had been offered for purchase a total of 7,561,226 SWISS shares, representing 91.2 per cent of the 8,291,248 SWISS shares held by minority shareholders at the end of the grace period.

The shares offered will be purchased at the offer price of CHF 8.96 net per share, subject to and following the approval of Lufthansa’s proposed acquisition of SWISS by the EU competition authorities.

Having secured 98.7 per cent of SWISS share capital by the end of the public offer, AirTrust now holds more than the minimum number of SWISS shares required to initiate a “squeeze-out” procedure to obtain the remaining shares. Thus, once Lufthansa’s acquisition of SWISS has been approved by the EU competition authorities and the public purchase offer has been completed, AirTrust will effect this squeeze-out against a cash compensation to acquire the remaining publicly-held SWISS shares.

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