Swiss celebrities to promote "Swiss Specials"

21 August 2005

SWISS will be running a new series of TV spots on Swiss national and some local TV channels from August 23 onwards. Each Tuesday-evening spot will centre on the drawing of a weekly "Swiss Special" destination, which can be booked online at from the Wednesday onwards.

The drawing of the "Swiss Special" destination will be presented by a different Swiss celebrity each week: DJ BoBo, Köbi Kuhn, Beat Schlatter, Tamara Sedmak, Kliby & Caroline, Fiona Hefti, DJ Tatana, Jürg Marquard, Stéphane Chapuisat, Patricia Boser, Michael von der Heide and Mathias Gnädinger have all been lined up. The VIP guest will personally operate the buzzer to select that week’s Swiss Special destination, which can then be booked at an attractively low fare from the following day onwards. The celebrities will also share a few thoughts with viewers on why they choose to fly SWISS.

The first of the 17 planned weekly spots will be broadcast this Tuesday, August 23. Further spots will follow every Tuesday evening until mid-December. For Swiss national TV, the spots have been booked on SF1 at 21:45, just before the popular "10 vor 10" extended news programme. The new campaign should not only promote the Swiss Specials; it should also help publicise SWISS’s many attractive flight offers and raise the positive connotations of the SWISS brand.