SWISS increases fuel surcharges

20 April 2010

The prices of crude oil and aviation kerosene have seen further substantial increases in the past few weeks and days, and have now reached new record levels. SWISS is adjusting its present fuel surcharges in the light of these developments.

Tickets for SWISS long-haul services will now be subject to a fuel surcharge of CHF 106 in each direction (previously CHF 93); and tickets for SWISS European and domestic services will be subject to a fuel surcharge of CHF 32 (previously CHF 29) each way.

The revised fuel surcharges will be levied on all tickets issued in Switzerland from April 25 onwards, and will apply in each direction. All tickets issued on or before April 24 will be subject to the earlier fuel surcharge provisions.

SWISS last increased its fuel surcharges in September 2005.