SWISS statement regarding the manipulation of the March 2006 referendum on the new Collective Labour Agreement for Swiss European pilots

3 May 2006

SWISS was informed this morning by the President of the Swiss Pilots Association (SPA) that the result of the referendum conducted among its members on the proposed 2006 Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) in March 2006 was manipulated by two members of the SPA Committee.

SWISS condemns such behaviour in the strongest of terms. As an initial response, the Committee member involved who is still flying as a Swiss European pilot has been suspended from flight duties immediately and until further notice. The second Committee member involved is not employed by Swiss European.

SWISS will further consider these developments over the next few days, with the aim of clarifying the situation as swiftly as possible, primarily in the interests of all the pilots concerned. In the meantime, the terms and conditions of the 2006 CLA will continue to apply, on a provisional basis.