SWISS and Aeropers reach agreement on new CLA

22 July 2006

SWISS and the Aeropers pilots’ union agreed on the principles of a new and forward-looking Collective Labour Agreement. The new accord should enter into effect on November 1, 2006 and be valid for three years.

SWISS and Aeropers agreed on the basic content of a new Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) between the two social partners. The accord follows long and highly intensive negotiations. In the process, both parties have now found a common basis which should help ensure the company’s further growth. The new CLA will pay due regard to SWISS’s ongoing corporate restructuring and the intensified competitive environment, and will strengthen the company’s foundation for achieving sustainable growth.

The new terms and conditions of employment for SWISS’s Airbus pilot corps will now be devised in detail by the end of August. Subject to its approval by Aeropers members, the new CLA should enter into effect on November 1, 2006. In taking this important step, SWISS and Aeropers have confirmed their commitment to a viable and forward-looking social partnership.

SWISS and Aeropers have jointly undertaken not to divulge any further details of the agreement until the latter has been submitted for the approval of Aeropers members.