SWISS says farewell to the Embraer 14

31 July 2006

SWISS’s Embraer 145 era comes to an end today with the completion of the type’s last rotation, flights LX 1664/1665 between Zurich and Venice. The 50-seater aircraft has been in SWISS service for over six years. Following its withdrawal, the company will operate an all-Avro RJ85/100 fleet on its short-haul services.

SWISS put its first Embraer 145 into revenue service in spring 2000. The last of the 25 aircraft which made up the SWISS Embraer 145 fleet at its maximum extent was delivered just two years later, in April 2002.

With the changes experienced in the European air transport sector over the past few years, the Embraer 145 has been only partially able to meet operating requirements, in view of its limited seat capacity. As a result, SWISS decided last summer to standardise its short-haul operations on an all-Avro RJ85/100 aircraft fleet.

In addition to its elegant lines, its long range and its high speed are the hallmarks of the Embraer 145, permitting it to be flexibly deployed throughout the SWISS short-haul network and operated non-stop on routes as lengthy as Geneva-Helsinki or Basel-Seville. Over the years, it has proved to be a sound and reliable aircraft that is popular with crews and passengers alike.

In all their years of service, SWISS’s Embraer 145s have carried a total of 5 196 905 passengers, flown 123.5 million kilometres and completed 184 050 takeoffs and landings.