SWISS invests in further comfort on its A319s and A321s

18 October 2010

SWISS is to install new seats on its seven Airbus A319 and four A321 aircraft. With the completion of the work next spring, the entire SWISS Airbus A320-family fleet (25 aircrafts) will be equipped with these new and lighter seats

SWISS continues to enhance the inflight product on its European flights. From mid-October onwards, all the company’s Airbus A319 and A321 aircraft will receive new seats throughout their cabins.

The innovative Recaro carbon seats with their leather upholstery are already installed on the 14 SWISS Airbus A320s, where, with their enhanced seating comfort, they have proved highly popular. Since their seat-back pocket is higher than on previous seat models, the new seats not only offer more ergonomic comfort to Swiss Business and Swiss Economy passengers; they provide greater legroom, too.

Thanks to their enhanced ergonomics and the light materials used in their construction, the new seats enable SWISS to both raise seating comfort and increase total seat numbers. With the new seating installed, SWISS’s Airbus A321s will accommodate 200 passengers (compared to the present 186), while its A319s will seat 138 (against the present 126). In view of their lower weight, the new seats will help lower fuel consumption, too.

More space and comfort in Swiss Business SWISS will keep the centre seat free in the Swiss Business cabin on its refurbished A319 and A321 aircraft, as it does already on its A320s. This policy is very popular with Swiss Business passengers, who appreciate the increased space and the greater inflight privacy.