SWISS adopts new naming concept for its aircraft fleet

13 November 2006

Bern, Basel, Bellinzona: SWISS flights will soon be carrying the names of Swiss towns and cities out around the world. Switzerland’s airline is to rename its entire aircraft fleet over the next few years. The new naming concept was launched today when SWISS’s new Airbus A330 – the airline’s first addition to its aircraft fleet – was named Bern” after the country’s capital. City mayor Alexander Tschäppät performed the official naming ceremony at Zurich Airport.

SWISS is adopting a new naming concept for its aircraft fleet. The names of Swiss mountains which are currently borne by the airline’s aircraft are to be replaced by the country’s cantonal capitals, tourist destinations and local airport communities. Under the new concept, every SWISS aircraft will receive a new name over the next few years, in collaboration with the corresponding municipal authorities.

The national capital of Bern has been chosen to launch the new concept. SWISS is and will remain Switzerland’s national airline,” explains SWISS CEO Christoph Franz. And our new naming policy underlines our identification with the regions and the towns and cities of our home country.”

Bern leads the way The new naming concept was unveiled today with the arrival of SWISS’s first-ever additional aircraft, a long-haul Airbus A330. The new transport was formally named Bern, after the country’s capital, by city mayor Alexander Tschäppät. We are delighted that SWISS’s first new Airbus A330 will carry the name of our beautiful city,” Tschäppät said. This aircraft is a worthy bearer of our capital’s name, as SWISS is such a keen and effective ambassador of our dynamic country all over the world.”

The city’s tourist board is equally enthusiastic about the new collaboration. SWISS and Bern make an excellent team,” said Markus Lergier, director of Bern Tourism. With its Swiss hospitality and its quality in every detail, SWISS shares the same values that Bern aims to offer as an attractive tourist destination.”

The new names will be borne on the fuselage of each aircraft, while the cabin interior will feature the coat of arms of the town or city concerned.