SWISS and Communications Union agree parameters for new Collective Labour Agreement for regional pilots

11 December 2006

A summit meeting between SWISS and the Gewerkschaft Kommunikation (Communications Union) yesterday resulted in a breakthrough in the negotiations of a new Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) for the airline’s regional pilots. Following this summit meeting, the leaders of the two negotiating teams reached agreement late at night on the basic content of the CLA parameters.

Following months of intensive, difficult talks, the basis for a new CLA proposal has now been devised. Details of the new CLA will be defined at a follow-up meeting of the negotiating teams on December 18. The next steps regarding implementation of the CLA will be determined at the same time. This process should enable the regional pilots of Swiss European to have a CLA that is both in line with the market and geared to the future as of January 1, 2007.

Upon implementation of the new CLA, the Gewerkschaft Kommunikation/SPA will act as the social partner representing the interests of Swiss European’s regional pilots. Both sides aim to develop a sustainable social partnership.