SWISS awards all its employees CHF 2 000 for helping to achieve corporate turnaround

11 December 2006

SWISS is in the climb, and has achieved its corporate turnaround. The restructuring which the company has conducted over the past few years has been a painful process that has entailed substantial downsizing of its workforce and activities. The actions taken have had their effect, however, and have brought success sooner than originally projected. SWISS now intends to reward its personnel for their vital part in the turnaround process.

As a sign of the company’s gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous professional efforts made in achieving the turnaround, all SWISS employees will receive a one-off ‘thank-you’ amounting to CHF 2 000.

SWISS is creating new jobs for the first time in its history. The fleet expansion recently embarked upon will add more than 500 new jobs in the company’s cockpit and cabin crew corps alone.