Gaudenz Ambühl named Chief Operating Officer

12 July 2007

Gaudenz Ambühl, currently Head of Flight Operations, has been named Chief Operating Officer of SWISS and a member of the Management Board. He succeeds Manfred Brennwald, who is moving to a new executive position within the SWISS Group. In a further development, the company’s SWISS Technics operation will in future be run as a separate business unit, giving it greater scope and strength.

Chief Operating Officer Manfred Brennwald is stepping down at his own request after four successful years at the head of the company’s Operations division to assume a new executive position within the SWISS Group. Further details of his new duties will be provided in the next few weeks.

“On behalf of the Management Board and the Board of Directors, I offer Manfred Brennwald my warmest thanks for his vital contribution to guiding SWISS into the climb,” says CEO Christoph Franz. “Over the past few years, he has fashioned our Operations division into a competence centre that is acknowledged and admired throughout our industry, and he hands his successor a well-functioning organisation.”

SWISS’s new Chief Operating Officer is Gaudenz Ambühl, who assumes his new duties on July 16. Ambühl has been with Swissair and SWISS since 1979, serving as a pilot and in various management capacities, most recently as Head of Flight Operations. His successor in this last post is Jean-Pierre Tappy, who has been at Swissair and SWISS as a pilot and in various management functions since 1985.

SWISS Technics given business autonomy Swiss WorldCargo’s positioning as a separate business unit within the SWISS Group has proved a clear success. In view of this, SWISS Technics is also to be placed on a business-unit footing, to strengthen its responsiveness and flexibility. A new Chief Technical Officer will be appointed to head SWISS Technics in the next few weeks. The new appointee will, like Chief Cargo Officer Oliver Evans, be a member of the SWISS Extended Management Board.