WEKO approves the acquisition of Edelweiss Air by SWISS

16 April 2008

WEKO, the Swiss Competition Commission, has given its green light for the merger of the two airlines. The authorities have not imposed any special conditions. Edelweiss Air will continue to operate as an independent member company of the Swiss Group. Kuoni remains Edelweiss Air’s biggest customer.

The favourable decision taken by the Competition Commission now permits full implementation of cooperation between Edelweiss Air and SWISS. Allowing for the necessary organizational system adjustments, operational completion is scheduled for the end of October 2008. In February, Kuoni and SWISS announced a strategic partner-ship. In addition to the acquisition of Edelweiss Air by SWISS, this also includes a comprehensive hotel offering by Kuoni on SWISS.COM.

With the consent of the authorities, Edelweiss Air will continue to operate as an inde-pendent airline with unchanged management, its own fleet and own crew. The three Airbus 320 short haul aircraft and the Airbus 330-200 for long haul flights will remain in service. Kuoni Switzerland is still Edelweiss Air’s biggest customer and will continue to offer high quality holiday flights to a wide range of destinations. All three parties look forward to the new Swiss partnership which can now be implemented.