Peter Spring named new Chief Commercial Officer of Edelweiss Air

30 May 2008

Peter Spring, former CEO of the Hotelplan Swiss Group, has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer of Edelweiss Air. He will assume his new duties on August 1

Spring, who is 53 years old and a Swiss national, can draw on a comprehensive knowledge of the tourism sector and extensive experience of the leisure air travel industry in his new capacity. He has been with Hotelplan in various positions since 1978. From 2000 to 2005 he was responsible for the company’s tour operating business; and since 2005 he has been CEO of the Hotelplan Swiss Group, where his responsibilities have included heading the leisure airline which the company owned and operated until recently. “In creating the position of Chief Commercial Officer, we are paying due regard to our airline’s integration into SWISS while also underlining its extensive autonomy within the SWISS Group,” comments Karl Kistler, CEO of Edelweiss Air.

The collaboration between SWISS and Edelweiss Air, which was announced this spring, should now be fully established and successfully further developed. “We are delighted at the choice of Peter Spring to serve as Edelweiss Air’s CCO,” says Harry Hohmeister, Chief Network & Distribution Officer at SWISS. “With his vast experience, Peter is the ideal appointee to this vital position. And he will be instrumental in guiding the collaboration we have embarked on with Edelweiss Air to commercial success.

Edelweiss Air will be operated as a separate airline with its own top management, fleet and crew corps within the SWISS Group. The “Edelweiss Air” brand, launched in 1995, will also be retained.