E-tickets now in use at SWISS systemwide

30 May 2008

SWISS customers will be able to travel on an electronic ticket to any SWISS destination from June 1 onwards.

SWISS will offer electronic tickets (e-tickets) for all its services from June 1 onwards. The extended facility should soon make paperless tickets the norm for all travellers throughout the SWISS network.

E-tickets have a host of advantages over their paper equivalents. Not only can an e-ticket not be lost or stolen; it can be sent (electronically) at ultra-short notice. An e-ticket also enables the customer to check-in conveniently online and print out their boarding card at home or on an airport self-check-in machine.

An e-ticket can be easily rebooked and is available wherever the customer is located – eliminating waiting or wondering where the ticket could be. E-tickets can now also be issued for combined bookings with more than a hundred other airlines.

SWISS has been one of the worldwide pioneers in adopting the e-ticket option, especially in developing combined e-ticketing. And in making its latest move towards an e-ticketing future, SWISS is fully in step with the ambitions of IATA, the airline industry’s umbrella organisation, to ensure full e-ticket availability worldwide by the middle of this year.

Paper tickets issued before June 1, 2008 can continue to be used up to and including May 31, 2009.