SWISS Airbus A320 named ‘Kloten’ today

23 June 2008

SWISS Airbus A320 HB-IJS was formally named ‘Kloten’ at Zurich Airport today. The naming ceremony was co-conducted by SWISS CEO Christoph Franz and Kloten town mayor René Huber, with various members of the Kloten town and communal councils in attendance. The ceremony was held as part of this weekend’s ‘Terrassenfest’ event at Zurich Airport, to the delight of both invitees and other visitors from throughout Switzerland and abroad.

SWISS bestowed the name of a further Swiss community on one of its European aircraft today as part of its overall naming concept. Airbus A320 HB-IJS now bears the name of Kloten, Zurich Airport’s nearest town. “We are very proud to have our name flown out into the world on an aircraft of Switzerland’s national airline,” enthused René Huber, Kloten’s current mayor. “For Kloten, of course, SWISS doesn’t just provide vital air links,” he continued, “it’s the employer of many of our inhabitants, too.”

SWISS CEO Christoph Franz was equally delighted to welcome Kloten to the ranks of Swiss towns whose names the SWISS fleet bears. “Kloten is not just the place our Management Board is based and home for several hundred of our personnel; it plays a key role in the economy of the Greater Zurich area,” Franz explained. “The youth team of the Kloten Flyers ice hockey club has been wearing our SWISS logo for a year or so now; and one of our aircraft now bears the Kloten name, too. Which all goes to underline the good and close relations between Zurich Airport’s local town and its home carrier.”