Further fuel price rises force SWISS to adjust its fuel surcharges again

8 July 2008

The prices of crude oil and jet fuel have seen further steep rises to new record levels over the last few weeks. A number of major European airlines have already increased their fuel surcharges in the light of these developments.

SWISS is now following suit, and is adjusting its own fuel surcharges. The SWISS fuel surcharge for long-haul flights will increase by CHF 15 to CHF 170 per sector; and SWISS’s fuel surcharge for European flights (plus those to Cairo and Tel Aviv) will rise CHF 6 to CHF 45 per sector.

The new fuel surcharges will apply to all tickets for air travel originating in Switzerland which are issued from July 14 onwards. Tickets issued up to and including July 13 will be subject to the present surcharge provisions.

SWISS constantly monitors oil prices, and will continue to adjust its fuel surcharges in response to further fuel price trends on the commodities markets.