SWISS continues to fly passengers out of Thailand

2 December 2012

In spite of the latest positive developments in the situation at Bangkok Airport, it is too early as yet to resume normal flight operations. From 3 December until the airport in Bangkok officially reopens, SWISS will therefore offer its passengers direct flights to Zurich departing from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

SWISS continues to serve Singapore from Zurich as per the normal flight schedule – but without the stopover in Bangkok. Departing from Singapore, SWISS now flies daily to Zurich via Chiang Mai. The scheduled early morning arrival time in Zurich remains 6.10 am, exactly the same as when the flight stopped over in Bangkok. This will ensure prompt and easy transfers to connecting flights for destinations across Europe.

The triangle route Zurich – Singapore – Chiang Mai – Zurich will operate from 3 December until further notice. SWISS will resume direct flights to and from Bangkok as soon as local developments permit.

SWISS passengers from and to Thailand can obtain further information from their travel agent, or from the SWISS Reservations Desk.

Flight schedule from 3 December until further notice:

LX 182 Zurich - Singapore22.45 18.30LX 7183Singapore - Chiang Mai21.00 22.50 Chiang Mai - Zurich23.55 06.10