SWISS customers can now use miles for their carbon offsets

25 September 2009

SWISS customers booking their flight online at SWISS.COM can immediately calculate the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions their planned travel will generate and compensate for these via the Swiss-based myclimate foundation. They can now also pay for this optional “carbon offset” with miles they have earned under the Miles & More frequent flyer programme.

For two years now, SWISS customers have been able to conveniently pay an optional supplement on the price of their ticket to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced by their flight. SWISS works with the Swiss-based myclimate foundation to calculate the costs involved in offsetting the volume of these CO2 emissions attributable to each passenger.

From today onwards, these carbon offsets can also be paid for with miles earned under the global Miles & More frequent flyer programme. If the customer chooses to do so, the corresponding number of miles will be deducted from their Miles & More account.

The carbon-offset amounts paid by SWISS customers are invested by myclimate in projects where their use will save as much CO2 as is generated by their journey. The climate-protection projects selected here promote the use of biomass as a renewable and ecofriendly fuel and energy source. Myclimate ensures that the funds invested are duly and properly used. The projects meet internationally-recognised criteria: they have been awarded the “Gold Standard”, currently the highest seal of approval for carbon-offset projects, and have the highest sustainability credentials in both ecological and social terms.