SWISS names Airbus A340 “Aarau”

15 September 2010

SWISS named its Airbus A340 HB-JMK “Aarau” in a ceremony at Zurich Airport today. The formal naming was performed by Dr. Marcel Guignard, current mayor of the city.

The naming ceremony was attended by SWISS Chief Operating Officer Rainer Hiltebrand and numerous further guests. Mayor Guignard voiced his delight at his city’s choice as a name to be borne by one of SWISS’s flagship Airbus A340 fleet. He also drew parallels to the city’s coat of arms: “We are pleased and immensely proud that this Airbus A340 will now be travelling the world with the Aarau Eagle on its hull,” he explained. “And we hope that our heraldic bird will encourage others to take off and discover new worlds and horizons.”

SWISS Chief Operating Officer Rainer Hiltebrand further underlined the appropriateness of Aarau’s choice. “As Switzerland’s airline, we connect our country with the world,” he said. “And by making the capital of Canton Aargau one of our ‘flying ambassadors’, we hope to further cement our close ties with the people of one of Switzerland’s strongest and most important economic regions.”

Hiltebrand also took the opportunity to highlight HB-JMK’s recently-refurbished Business Class cabin. With its innovative seating arrangement, the new cabin offers SWISS Business travellers extensive space and privacy on board.

SWISS’s four-engined Airbus A340-300 seats 219 in its three-class (First, Business and Economy) configuration. The A340 is the largest aircraft in the SWISS fleet. The carrier currently has 15 of the type in service, which it operates to various long-haul destinations including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, São Paulo, San Francisco and Johannesburg. The entire SWISS A340 fleet will be equipped with the new Business Class cabin by mid-2011.