SWISS introduces new safety measures for Japan flights


In a precautionary measure introduced on 28 March, all air transport containers carried on SWISS flights are now being rigorously tested prior to loading in Tokyo to ensure that no contaminated products are brought into Switzerland from Japan. Experts from the Paul Scherrer Institute are now working with SWISS representatives in Japan to instruct local staff in performing the relevant tests.

These measures are being implemented on a preventive basis over and above the testing procedures already in place in Tokyo and Zurich. During routine tests in Zurich within the past few days, slightly higher radiation readings were detected on the surfaces of two air transport containers. In both cases the readings were sufficient enough to require reporting to the authorities but posed no health threat, as the Federal Office of Public Health has confirmed.

In coordination with the relevant authorities and experts in radiation protection from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) the two containers in question were examined and secured. Tests conducted on the goods inside the containers, other cargo items on board, cargo space in the aircraft, the aircraft itself and the aircraft cabin revealed nothing abnormal.

SWISS continues to monitor developments in Japan constantly and remains in contact with local representatives, relevant national authorities (National Emergency Operations Centre, Federal Office of Public Health, Swiss Accident Insurance, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Embassy) and Zurich Airport.