SWISS simplifies its baggage provisions


SWISS is standardising the baggage regulations for its flights all over the world. In many cases, the systemwide adoption of the “piece concept” will provide customers with a greater free-baggage allowance, along with attractive excess baggage rates. SWISS’s carry-on baggage regulations remain unchanged.

SWISS is extending the “piece concept”, which already applies on North Atlantic flights, to the baggage provisions for all its services systemwide. The new regulations will apply to all tickets bought on or after 1 August 2011. For many customers travelling on SWISS services within Europe and on long-haul flights to Asia or Africa, the new concept will increase their free baggage allowance.

The piece concept allows customers to check in a certain number of pieces of baggage free of charge, with the number of pieces permitted depending on their class of travel. SWISS is also modifying the maximum permissible weight of each individual piece. As a result, SWISS Economy travellers will now enjoy an extra three kilos of free-baggage allowance per flight. Business and First Class customers, too, will benefit from more generous free-baggage amounts than under the present “weight concept”.

The key changes are as follows:

- Economy Class: Now 1 piece of up to 23 kilos (currently any number of pieces up to a combined total of 20 kilos).

- Business Class: Now 2 pieces of up to 32 kilos each, i.e. a maximum total of 64 kilos (currently any number of pieces up to a combined total of 30 kilos).

- First Class: Now 3 pieces of up to 32 kilos each, i.e. a maximum total of 96 kilos (currently any number of pieces up to a combined total of 40 kilos).

All pieces in all three classes must not exceed total dimensions (length + width + height) of 158 centimetres.

Miles & More members may also be entitled to higher free-baggage allowances than the above, depending on their programme status. For infants under two years of age not occupying their own booked seat, a folding buggy and one additional piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kilos may also be checked in free of charge.

SWISS customers wishing to check in further pieces of baggage will now enjoy new and attractive excess baggage rates. The previous per-kilo system (which often resulted in high excess baggage charges) has been abolished, in favour of just two per-piece rates, “Europe” and “intercontinental”. Each additional piece of baggage (up to 23 kilos) will cost CHF 90 per sector on European services or CHF 225 per sector on intercontinental flights.

Travellers on SWISS tickets purchased before 1 August 2011 will still be subject to the existing baggage provisions as shown on their ticket.

SWISS’s carry-on baggage regulations remain unchanged for all flights. Economy Class travellers are permitted one carry-on item, while Business and First Class customers can take up to two carry-on items aboard free of charge. All carry-on items must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 centimetres in size or 8 kilos in weight.