Fear of flying

Although flying is one of the safest modes of transport of all, fear of flying is still a common condition. If you are afraid of travelling by air:

  • Distraction can help. Talk to your fellow passengers, eat, read, watch the inflight movies, use the inflight entertainment system and (if you wish) tell the cabin crew how you feel.
  • You may also wish to take a mild sedative, which your doctor can prescribe. In this case, you should try out the medication some time before your flight, to check for any side-effects. If you do take a sedative for the flight, don’t drink any alcohol while you are on board.

“Fit to fly” seminars: fear of flying can be treated, too

Many people need to travel by air – for business, to spend a vacation at their dream destination or to visit family or friends who live far away. But not everyone enjoys the flying experience. For those with an aversion to air travel, SWISS offers “fit to fly” seminars to help alleviate their fears. These popular seminars are conducted in collaboration with Swiss AviationTraining and a specialist in psychology.

For some people, the very idea of taking off in an aircraft can provoke a sense of fear and unease, even panic. People who are afraid of flying board an aircraft with great trepidation. The symptoms vary widely, from sweating to difficulty breathing and nausea.

As studies have confirmed, however, and as has been seen from the success of the “fit to fly” seminars that we have held in Zurich and Geneva to date, fear of flying can be overcome. Interested? Then why not sign up today for one of our "fit to fly" seminars.

Our fit to fly seminars are carefully designed to allay people’s fear of the air travel experience. The seminars include explanations about how an aircraft flies and the various precautions that are taken to ensure flight safety. We also familiarise participants with the whole world of flying, and we’ll discuss perfectly normal occurrences that can cause undue concerns, like the noises heard on takeoff and landing and the turbulence that is sometimes encountered. The entire seminar programme helps address and allay any fears of flying at three levels: the physical, the mental and the behavioural.

“Fit-to-Fly” seminars