Some countries require arriving travellers to have had certain vaccinations. These requirements may also change over time – as a result of a recent epidemic, for example. To check the latest vaccination requirements at your destination, consult your GP or a doctor specialising in travel or tropical medicine. Depending on where you are travelling to, it may also be advisable to take medicinal precautions and carry insect repellents to protect against malaria.

SWISS Medical Services advises various bodies on travel medicine issues, and also provides a public vaccination service. If you are planning a trip – to a tropical region, for instance – we advise you to contact us at least four to six weeks before your planned departure to have your vaccination status checked and arrange any additional vaccinations you may require. We can also inform you about any preventive measures it may make sense to take against infectious illnesses such as malaria, or against the effects of altitude sickness or diving activities.

In some cases, the local vaccination requirements (against yellow fever, for example) are laid down by the authorities. In view of this, be sure to carry your vaccination record with you, to show this if required to the immigration authorities.

SWISS Medical Services constantly monitors epidemiological developments all over the world, to be able to make the necessary recommendations to travellers and our own cockpit and cabin personnel. If you are unable to come to our vaccination centre yourself, we can also recommend the website, which contains extensive further information (in French and German).