Flying with a peanut allergy

SWISS does not serve peanuts on its flights because of the risk of an allergic reaction among some passengers. However, in view of the worldwide use of peanuts, peanut oil and other food products containing peanuts, we cannot guarantee to transport our passengers in a totally “peanut-free” cabin environment.

If your health requires you to avoid any contact at all with peanuts, we strongly advise you to ask your doctor whether you should fly.

Passengers with a peanut allergy should be well prepared for any dangerous allergic reaction, and should take all the precautions required to minimise the risk of one. This includes bringing their own food, carrying an emergency health card and carrying the treatment medication prescribed by their doctor so that this can be administered immediately if required.

The passenger concerned or their family or companion(s) should also be able to administer the medical treatment required should an allergic reaction occur. If the passenger concerned is travelling alone, they should be able to administer the treatment prescribed by their doctor themselves.