Fit-to-fly requirements

If any of the following apply, an SAF/MEDIF form must be completed in advance of your travel to apply for medical clearance to fly:

  • acute medical condition, recent hospitalisation, recent accident or recent operation
  • progressive and/or unstable medical condition
  • inability to sit up in seat (stretcher transport required)
  • oxygen or other medical equipment required on board
  • travel is for medical reasons (e.g. for special treatment abroad)
  • passenger requires a companion to provide medical support
  • our flight attendants cannot provide the medical care required

Most people with a medical condition can take a scheduled flight without any problem. Some cases, however, need to be individually assessed. Although aircraft today have pressurised cabins, some precautions must be taken in the case of travellers suffering from heart or lung conditions. Passengers must also be able to sit upright in an aircraft seat with their knees bent. If they cannot do so, an extra seat will need to be booked.

In certain cases we can require a passenger to be accompanied by a medically-trained companion or insist on the use of additional oxygen (for which a fee will be charged). Like most airlines, we assess our customers’ fitness to fly in accordance with common internationally-accepted guidelines which are intended to ensure that the trip can be made in comfort and safety and without incident.

We also advise you to check your vaccination status at least six weeks before your planned departure, and to find out about any mandatory vaccinations at your intended destination.