SAF/MEDIF Form and medical certificates

If any of the following apply, we advise you to obtain a medical certificate from your doctor addressed to the airport authorities, and to carry this with you when you travel:

  • if you have a heart pacemaker or a metal implant such as an artificial joint or a metal fixture for a fracture (in such cases, you will need to present your medical certificate before the security check)
  • if you have diabetes or a chronic condition requiring medication (in this case your certificate should state both the diagnosis and the required medication you are carrying)
  • if you are travelling to a destination which requires certain vaccinations (in this case you should bring a vaccination record showing that the vaccinations concerned have been obtained)
  • if you need to use syringes for medical purposes

Depending on your medical condition, SWISS may also ask you to complete an SAF/MEDIF form. This form is issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ensures that you obtain all the information from the doctor treating you that an airline will require in connection with your flight. Please ask for the form when making your reservation and return it (duly completed) to SWISS Medical Services (fax no. +41 58 584 6845) at least three working days before your planned departure.

If you intend to bring a battery-powered portable oxygen concentrator (POC) on board, you will need to complete both the SAF/MEDIF form and the additional POC form.

If you travel regularly and suffer from a stable chronic medical condition, we advise you to obtain a FREMEC card, which will avoid your having to submit a new SAF/MEDIF form every time you fly. For further information here, please contact SWISS Medical Services at

For further information, we also refer you to the section on Travelling with medication, medical equipment, pacemakers or implants.