Medical devices

If you need to use a medical device on board, you will need to fill in the SAF/MEDIF form, and you will also need to provide us with precise details of the device (i.e. its brand name and technical specifications). Please note that we cannot guarantee to provide you with electricity on board. And for some devices (such as POCs), we also accept only battery-powered models.

CPAP machines

If you wish to bring a CPAP machine (which is used to treat sleep apnoea, a condition characterised by severe snoring, among other things) into the cabin, this will need to be approved by our technical personnel. So if you plan to do so, please inform us of this in good time via the SAF/MEDIF form, giving precise details of the model to be used and its technical specifications, to enable us to provide an appropriate electrical socket. Please note that we cannot guarantee to provide such a socket on all aircraft types. The machine should preferably be battery-powered.

Portable oxygen concentrators (POC)

If you wish to use a POC on board, you will need to complete and submit a POC form in addition to the SAF/MEDIF form. SWISS can only accept battery-powered POCs. Please note that the electrical sockets which are built into our aircraft seats cannot be used to power a POC. If you are bringing a POC aboard, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough batteries with you to keep it powered for 1½ times the published flying time. This requirement is intended to amply cover any special circumstances (such as having to change the POC’s settings in the course of the flight).


Electrically or battery-powered nebulisers can be used on board, except during takeoff and landing. If you wish to do so, however, you must provide us with full details of the device’s technical specifications in good time in advance of the flight.


Patients on dialysis can travel by air. Peritoneal dialysis can be performed shortly before or after the flight (but may not be performed during it). The same applies to passengers using a dialysis machine. As a rule, you may take any dialysis equipment with you. But if you plan to do so, please mention this when making your reservation, to ensure that this equipment (up to a weight of 32 kilos) is not subject to any excess baggage charge.

Taking other medical equipment on board

As a general rule, SWISS will carry up to 32 kilos of medical equipment required by passengers free of any excess baggage charge. If you plan to take such equipment with you, please notify your reservation agent of this in good time. If your medical equipment weighs more than this 32-kilo limit, you will need to complete an SAF/MEDIF form.