A la carte dining

As unique as your taste
SWISS Choice

SWISS is expanding its meal selection for SWISS Economy passengers on all SWISS long-haul flights departing from Switzerland. The new meals will not replace, but perfectly complement our existing choice of meals in SWISS Economy. As of September, guests can choose between different meals which can be pre-ordered for a fee up to 24 hours before their flight takes off.

The wide meal selection is tailored to the preferences and wishes of our passengers. Guests can look forward to specialities from Switzerland. With the Traditional Swiss Meal, Swiss Brunch and Swiss Cold Cuts, travellers can enrich their flight experience with a selected culinary indulgence from Switzerland. But that’s not all:The Healthy Choice is the obvious selection for guests wanting a light meal that is rich in flavour. The Gourmet Japanese showcases the best Japanese delicacies and gives travellers an insight into the unique cuisine from the land of the rising sun. For those wishing to have a fine-dining experience, the Gourmet Meal is the way to go. In addition, guests can either purchase a 0.375 litre bottle of Californian Chardonnay or a Sangiovese blend from Tuscany to complement their meal.

The introduction of à la carte dining meals is a response from SWISS to meet requests from our frequent travellers, who have expressed their wishes for a larger meal selection on our long-haul flights. With meals served on porcelain china, nothing can stand in the way of an enjoyable à la carte dining experience – turning flights into a culinary experience.

The menus can only be pre-ordered for flights operated by SWISS carrying a LX flight number. À la carte dining will not be offered on flights to Cairo, Tel Aviv and Shanghai.