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Receive 2000 Points
Weitersagen und profitieren

Recommend SWISS PartnerPlusBenefit to others between 1.4.2016 and 30.6.2016, and you'll be credited 2000 points on your company account for every new registration. The new member will also receive 2000 points as a starting credit and thank-you.

And it's this easy:

1.Tell your partner companies or small- and medium-sized companies with which you deal about SWISS PartnerPlusBenefit

2.Your partner then registers the company at https://www.partnerplusbenefit.com/application/module/registration/registration.do. An email will arrive with a link, and a personal password needs to be saved when using it for the first time. It's a good idea to enter all the credit cards that are used at the same time.

3.The partner sends an email with the names of his and your companies, and the details of the contacts at the two companies, to newbusiness@swiss.com

4.You and your partner company will both be credited 2000 points

Details at a glance
Details at a glance
1.4.2016 – 30.6.2016
Details at a glance
New customer must register online and choose a personal password
Details at a glance
New customer must send an email with the names of the two companies and the contacts there to newbusiness@swiss.com
Details at a glance
Who receives the points
The person recommending and the new member each receive 2000 points

Find further information on SWISS PartnerPlusBenefit here.