SWISS sets a symbol of greater attentiveness

Eyes make Europe shine

Last winter SWISS turned its focus to the value of attentiveness; since then it’s been a model of how to treat others more diligently. Now it’s time for the grand final in Switzerland.

  • Special consideration in dealings with others is a matter very dear to SWISS. It is rooted deeply within the company and learned and applied by our employees. That is why SWISS is committed to advocating for more attentiveness between people – and why it launched a movement across Europe last winter to appeal for this important value, with spectacular light shows in various European metropolises. The renowned artist Gerry Hofstetter installed colossal pairs of eyes in attention-grabbing places on important monuments or buildings high above London, Hamburg, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona and Milan. The eye models came from SWISS cabin crew and were designed to encourage all of us to give more consideration to how we deal with each other.

The Art of Attentiveness by Gerry Hofstetter and SWISS

Grand final in Switzerland

The local light installations will now be followed by the grand final in Switzerland. The focus of the final installation early November will be on hundreds of collected eye selfies from people across Europe. Together they’ll create the largest sign for more attentiveness.

SWISS Art of Attentiveness eye selfies

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