We refine various countries' typical cultural assets – with a twinkle in our eye

Our initiative "SWISSED" takes the Swiss characteristics of quality and perfection to various European metropolises and shows you, with a twinkle, what "Made of Switzerland" means – and why it is always a good idea to fly SWISS.

Whether delicious chocolate, tasty cheese, precise clockwork or the highest recognised services, we might not have invented many of the world's most famous products and services, but we have refined and improved so many of them that their high quality is very closely associated with our country.

And so we at SWISS have made it our aim to offer our passengers on board an unmistakeably pleasant travel experience. Because it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Now, with the Europe-wide initiative "SWISSED", we are bringing the quality and very high claims of "Made of Switzerland" to popular and typical places in Europe. We are refining various national cultural assets in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Italy. By changing or adding individual details that, in our opinion, make the small but essential difference. So we show not only the various nations' famous landmarks, but also their customs, quirks and traditions in an entirely new light and in the most charming way: "SWISSED" by SWISS.

SWISSED Germany: bagging sun loungers to perfection

SWISSED: Horse-drawn carriage rides with Swiss flair