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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Inat Kuća

      In the "house of spite"
      It is thanks to the obstinacy of an old man by the name of Benderija that this restaurant still exists. During the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire he staunchly refused to cede his house to the city's rulers so that they could build the City Hall in its place. After long-drawn negotiations, he agreed on one condition: they must promise that his house would be rebuilt, stone by stone, on the other side of the river. So the "house of spite" survived, and in 1997 became a very attractive, traditional Bosnian restaurant.
      Veliki Alifakovac 1
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 447 867
    • Pod Lipom

      Typical Bosnian
      Nice waiters, a relaxed atmosphere, a varied menu – apparently the traditional Bosnian cuisine at the Pod Lipom found favour with former US President Bill Clinton. At least, he once did the restaurant the honour of dining there, as proven by framed photographs on the walls. Our tip: packed with flavour, the Begova corba is a Bosnian chicken stew.
      Prote Bakovića 4
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 440 700
    • Dveri

      Delicious and rustic
      If you have an aversion to ultra-cool designer restaurants, you've come to the right place here. The Dveri is tucked inside an inner courtyard. It's rustic, extra-cosy and serves delicious Bosnian cuisine. Our tip: The Dveri goulash, a beef, mushroom and prune stew, served with home-made bread. The menu also features several fish dishes. These can be washed down with red or white wines from the Balkan region.
      Prote Bakovica 12
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 537 020
    • Mrkva

      Bosnian fast-food
      Mrkva runs a number of establishments in Sarajevo, including a café. Located both inside the city and out, this is the Bosnian answer to American fast food chains. Here, those who need something in a hurry can feast on ćevapčići, pasha burgers or grilled kebabs, for example, all served with chips and salad.
      Mrkva Baščaršija
      Bravadžiluk 13
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 222 225
    • Čevabdžinica Hodžić A

      The national dish – Ćevapčići
      For meat-eaters, trying the national speciality, ćevapčići, is a must. This Old Town restaurant, whose owner also runs a butcher's shop, serves the grilled minced meat rolls and many other grilled meat specialities such as veal cutlets, mixed grills or marinated lamb shish kebab skewers.
      Baščaršija 22
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 573 300
    • Kibe Mahala

      Dining with a view
      The Vreto family has been running this hillside restaurant with a wonderful view over the city and the mountains since 1988. The Kibe Mahala, with its seven rooms, is known for its outstanding Bosnian cuisine. It also offers a wide selection of wines from the local region and the whole country. For romantics: you can enjoy two guitarists at your table, serenading you with a few chords. Reservations recommended.
      Vrbanjuša 164
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 441936
    • Vatra

      Fire and ice
      This trendy café is named after Sarajevo's eternal flame, "Vjećna Vatra", which burns nearby in memory of the partisans who fell in the Second World War. The café itself is anything but gloomy, and is frequented by a colourful mix of clients wanting coffee, cakes, ice creams or a snack between meals.
      Ferhadija 4
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 222 244
    • Music Pavilion

      Open air café in the park
      This open-air café is found in the Atmejdan Park, on the left banks of the Miljacka. Located within a wooden pavilion, it is the perfect place to spend a pleasant while relaxing. The pavilion was built in 1913 during the Austro-Hungarian ruling, destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 2004.
      Atmejdan Park
      71000 Sarajevo
    • The Club

      Club with live music
      There is generally a line-up of live music on weekdays and parties at the weekend. The club and restaurant, reputed for its good waiting staff, attracts a mixed clientèle; local stars can also be spotted here. The club show is broadcast live on the local radio on Wednesdays.
      Maršala Tito 7
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 550 550
    • Mash

      Hip music club
      If it wasn't for the music sounding out from this pub tucked away on the first floor, you could easily overlook this stylish bar by the National Theatre. The Mash pulls in a relatively young crowd and is always giving itself a makeover to reflect global trends. It could quite easily be fitted out like an ocean steamer or a space ship one day, and look totally different the next.
      Branilaca Sarajeva 20
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 61 236 488
    • Zlatna Ribica

      The "golden fish"

      Zlatna Ribica – translated as the "golden fish" – is probably the most original café and bar in the city. Step inside and you will feel as if you are in a junk shop full of all imaginable kinds of curiosities. The interior, complete with velvet sofas and gilt mirrors is a combination of miniature Parisian brasserie, Viennese coffee house and a bar. The eccentric owner plays anything from country to folk to blues – in fact, anything that patrons want to hear!
      Kapitol 5
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 836 348
    • City Pub

      Popular and unpretentious
      This central Sarajevo pub, which is also popular with the locals, is the place for a good dose of blues, rock and jazz. DJs also appear here, and the pub hosts concerts, films and art exhibitions, too. If the place is packed and staff are running around, we recommend ordering quickly and paying straight away.
      Had žiristićeva bb
      71000 Sarajevo
      +387 33 837 168