You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • The Fish Market

      The freshest the sea can offer
      At the Fish Market you dine on a boat on the Nile. Here you are served fish fresh from the waters directly from the seaport of Alexandria. Guests can choose their dishes, served on crushed ice and billed per kilogram. The choice is huge. Whether red mullet, seabass, or Alaskan king crab – here you’ll find simply everything. Barbecued or fried – you choose. And you’ll really appreciate the value the Fish Market provides for your money. Make sure to reserve a table.
      Motafara Mn Sharea Mahmoud Mokhtar
      +20 2 35 70 96 93
    • Koshary Abou Tarek

      Tradition at fair prices
      Abou Tarek is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants for kushari, a traditional dish of rice, lentils, macaroni, and crispy fried onions. A simple but filling meal. The food is served on metal plates. Abou Tarek charges moderate prices and is therefore highly popular among the locals. You can also order takeaways.
      Choppin ln, Champollion
      11511 Cairo
      +20 2 25 77 59 35
    • Sequoia

      Chic and trendy
      Here you won’t necessarily be served haute cuisine. But there are delicious meze, good sushi, and a stylish ambience. Sequoia is where young and fashionable Cairenes meet. Here you can settle on white sofas and order an apéro or a hookah to start with. All the time in a light breeze from the Nile – heavenly! The Sequoia is an excellent choice on balmy summer evenings. Reservations are a must.
      53 Abou Al Fada
      11211 Cairo
      +20 2 273 500 14
    • Abou El-Sid

      Straight out of the Arabian Nights
      Abou El-Sid is very popular. You’ll feel as if you are on a journey through time. The ambience is reminiscent of the Arabian Nights. Sitting on golden Baroque chairs you can try out local specialities like Mulukhiyah – a kind of meat stew. Attention: If you just want to arrive for a drink, you should enquire first. The restaurant charges a minimum price.
      157, 26th of July Street
      11511 Cairo
      +20 122 565 6249
    • The Moghul Room

      The best Indian
      The Moghul Room is considered to be the best Indian restaurant in Egypt. It can be found at the Mena House Oberoi Hotel near the Great Pyramid of Giza. Here you can choose from the typical dishes of North India. Also the kebabs and the excellent curries are particularly delicious. The restaurant’s ambience and interior are typically Indian.
      Pyramids Road
      +20 2 33 76 66 44
    • Revolving Restaurant

      Elegant and unbeatable view
      On the 41st floor of the Grand Nile Tower you can enjoy wonderful French cuisine and a breathtaking view of the Nile and the Pyramids. The ambience is a cultivated blend of elegance and style. Accordingly, classical evening dress is preferred. Occasionally, there is live music to accompany your meal. A reservation in good time is recommended.
      Corniche El Nil, Garden City
      +20 2 365 12 34
    • Fishawi’s Coffeehouse

      Arab by tradition
      Fishawi Coffeehouse is a traditional Arab café at the bazaar Khan El-Khalili. The old fashioned, pleasant ambience is cosy and you can sit indoors or outside. The ideal place for a break between strolls over the market and the myriads of impressions. Despite the heavy tourist traffic, Cairo remains authentic and exuberant.
      Midan Hussein
      +20 2 25 90 67 55
    • Tea Lounge

      Tasteful and tasty
      You should definitely take a coffee or tea break at the bright, stylish Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza with its inviting ambience. To lean back on the cosy sofas and enjoy the French confectionery. Yummy. Homemade macaroni and chocolate served on étagères. Whether small salads or mini sandwiches to the tinkling of piano music. And if you want to extend your evening here, you can also order a classy drink.
      35 Giza Street
      12612 Cairo
      +20 2 35 67 16 00
    • Pub 28

      For a drink
      Pub 38 is cosy and down to earth. After an extended tour through the city, you can relax here over a chilled beer or a fine whiskey. The pub is popular among locals and tourists. If you’re feeling peckish, there are meze and small snacks.
      28 Sharia Shagaret el-Dor
      +20 2 27 35 09 72
    • After Eight

      Disco, techno, and salsa.
      This club lies in a small side street and attracts above all a younger crowd. Here you can listen to disco beats and a mix of techno and salsa. Bands perform at regular intervals too. You may order alcohol but you must be older than 25 years.
      6 Kasr el Nil Street
      +20 100 339 80 00
    • Cairo Jazz Club

      The Cairo Jazz Club is popular among both locals and tourists. It is packed above all on the weekends. Here you can listen to live jazz and blues. There is also a good selection of drinks and vegetarian dishes. The Cairo Jazz Club serves as a venue for artists from all over the country. And many a time DJs take their place behind the mixing desk.
      197, 26th of July Street
      +20 2 33 45 99 39