Get in, sit back and let the grandiose landscape pass by: The ride with the narrow-gauge railway over mountains and through wild gorges is a real adventure.

The northern half of Corsica can be easily explored by train. A Y-shaped rail network connects the port cities of Ajaccio, Calvi and Bastia. The route leads over viaducts and passes through the mountainous heart of the island. some of the peaks are covered with snow until summer.

On the north-western branch to Calvi you see a completely different scenery when the railway crosses a forest-free and steppe-like landscape. Forget about mobile network in this wasteland – not a nice idea getting lost there. For almost an hour, the train slowly moves through the soft hills before the turquoise sea pops up surprisingly in front of you.

A whole continent on one island

Among the locals, the train is also called "TGV Corse", according to the original on the French mainland, the „Train à Grand Vibration“. The special Corsican translation however is "Train à Grand Vibration", which means “shaky train” – and yes, indeed, partially it is a bumpy ride.

The last section, between Ile-Rousse and Calvi is less bumpy and provides beautiful views again. The track runs directly along the coast: on the right sight of the train dreamy coves and white-sand beaches pass by, on the left side wild mountains arise. Calvi, the terminus, already announces itself from the distance: its mighty citadel is situated prominently on a rock far out in the sea.

Timetables and information about the Corsican railway

The journey from Ajaccio to Bastia takes a little over three and a half hours. From Ajaccio to Calvi it takes four and a half hours by train and you must change once.The shortest connection is the one between Calvi and Bastia with three hours.All are perfect for a day trip.