Swimming, sailing, biking and hiking – Corsica's versatility is hard to beat. SWISS Travel Guide editor Simone Franzke discovered "Île de Beauté" by sailing boat and train and fell in love with the island. Get inspired by her impressions.

Cruising down the west coast

Anchor in hidden dream bays, enjoy the special flair of the coastal towns and feel the wind in the sails - you really shoud try exploring Corsica by boat.

Get on board

Seven days on confined space, always close to the wind, whether it is sun or rain: On board a sailing ship team spirit is required - and traveling becomes an adventure.

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Through the heart of the Island

If you want to get to know the wild, mountainous inner part of the island, you should travel by Corsican railway. The route through the north and north-west of Corsica is a great experience!

Follow the rails...