Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture near Figari? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Bonifacio

    Harbour town
    Twice a day you can catch a busbus from Scopetto near Figari to Bonfacio. The spectacular medieval Old Town of Bonifacio sits on top of cliffs on a limestone plateau. The harbour lies below, in the fjord-like bay Calanque de Fazio. Bonifacio has some excellent restaurants like the Stella d’Oro.
  • Église Sainte-Croix

    Light and golden shadows
    Dive into the narrow streets of Bastia's citadel. There you will find the oldest church of the town, Église Sainte-Croix - almost hidden between the other buildings. Its outside simplicity contrasts with the opulent interior design. Just take a few minutes to absorb the silence and watch the sun enlight the golden ornaments.
    Rue du Presbytère, Zitadelle
  • Gulf of St. Florent

    Feels like Caribbean
    Pearly white beaches, rocks washed by turquoise water – this could be South Sea or Caribbean, but it is north of Corsica. The Gulf of Florent stretches between Cap Corse and the inhospitable Désert des Agriates and is one of the most beautiful places of the island. Stroll through the small streets of St. Florent, the same-named town and get your supplies for a perfect day at the beach. Or walk up to the old citadel and enjoy the view. There is a bus from Bastia to St. Florent twice a day – perfect for a day trip.
  • KVO Boat Rentals

    Discover the coast
    The water is shimmering in the sun while you’re gliding across the sea in your catamaran, past white chalk cliffs and into remote bays. Exploring the coast of Corsica in a sailing boat is a unique experience. You don’t possess a sailing license? At KVO Boat Rentals you can also get motor boats. For instance a boat with space for six people, from roughly EUR 200 per day.
    Port de Plaisance
    20131 Pianottoli-Caldarello
    +33 4 95 71 89 70
  • Boutique La Chapelle

    Make you and your feet happy
    In case you forgot to pack the right shoes for your summer dress – this little boutique in the heart of Bastia is the place to find something suitable. Try some fancy high heels or extraordinary sneakers and dare to be a little bit “bling-bling”. Conveniently “La Chapelle” also provides nice bags and other accessories.
    15 Rue César Campinchi
    20200 Bastia
    +33 4 95 31 78 67
  • Cap Corse Mattei

    Taste the island
    Originally invented as protection against tropical fevers, Cap Corse Mattei nowadays is a very popular aperitif – not only on Corsica. Extracts from herbs and china-bark mixed with wine from the island create the unique taste of this beverage. The old fashioned shop located at Bastia's Place Saint Nicolas is absolutely worth a visit. You will also find some other distillates, for example made of lemon or myrtle. Perfect for a souvenir!
    15 Boulevard Génerale de Gaulle
    20200 Bastia
    +33 4 95 32 44 38
  • Weekly markets on Corsica

    Discovering regional specialties
    Even if there is no more space in your suitcase, it is just fun to walk through one of the weekly markets in Bastia. On Saturdays and Sundays you can stroll across the town hall market and taste regional specialties. There are stalls with cheese, fruits, vegetables, pastries and sausages, small dishes are freshly prepared in open kitchens. If you feel the need to move your feet after this, hop over to Place Saint Nicolas - there is a big flea or textile market on Saturdays.